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There Are Many Benefits to Using Google My Business, Here's Our Top 10

Google My Business is a strong and powerful tool for local businesses. Before we get started with the top benefits of using Google My Business, let’s answer a couple of basic questions.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool provided by Google for local businesses to both update and engage their prospective customers. It is a free business listing that allows local businesses to be seen in Google Search, Google Map Search, and Google Voice Search.

Who Should Use Google My Business?

Using Google My Business allows you to engage with your users, manage your online business information, and gain insights into how your customers find and engage with you. It also offers you a presence directly in search results that allows for direct customer contact with fewer clicks for that user.

The Top 10 Free Benefits of Using Google My Business

1. It’s Free

In an online world where the average company spends up to 15% of its revenue on online marketing, it can be a blessing to have one of the strongest tools in search available to use for free. Though this is significantly more beneficial for local businesses, your GMB can be a crucial part of your online presence.

Though using Google My Business is free, a lot of companies can benefit from those with experience to manage their GMB profile for them. However, there is ample information available for those who have the time on how to best utilize this amazing marketing tool.

2. It’s Easy To Use

The platform is very intuitive with a lot of support from Google in regards to using Google My Business. When setting up your profile for the first time Google lays out all of the basic steps in realtime for you. After that, you can explore your GMB dashboard to discover all of the tools available to you.

Google also offers free add-ons for both instore and online posts. These include custom posters, social posts, and more generated from your reviews and updates. You can learn more about these functions on Google Support, they have an entire support area dedicated to it.

See: Google My Business Marketing Kit

3. It Has An App

Using Google My Business just got a whole lot easier with the available app. The app allows you to utilize all the tools as you would on any platform, but also allows you to turn on the messaging feature.

The messaging feature is another great way for you to communicate with your customers. It is a text messaging system that also allows you to send photos to the recipient.

One of the most positive ways to use Google My Business involves responding to reviews and questions as soon as possible. With the app, you are able to quickly reply to all of these items on the go.

One last benefit is being able to take photos with your mobile device and upload them directly to your GMB. Adding images regularly is recommended, and the app allows you to do this as you run into great photo opportunities no matter where you are.

Get the app for Android: Google Play Store

Get the app for Apple: App Store

photo of using Google My Business through the app on a phone screen

4. Positions You On Top of Search

Aside from ads, your Google My Business listing is located directly on top of local search results. You have to be in the Map Pack (top 3) for that specific search, but with a little work that is completely a viable option for you. This works on desktop, mobile, and voice searches on Google.

But even in a non-competitive manner, when your business is being looked up directly, your Google My Business page will provide that searcher with the most valuable information right inside of those results. This includes your hours, website, contact information, and address.

5. Keeps Customers Updated

It can be hard to update customers through multiple business platforms, but your Google My Business page can be the primary way to achieve this. Using Google My Business to post regular updates is a great practice to rise above your competitors as well.

It is equally important to keep customers updated on any changes to your hours, location, or any other vital details about your business. Google My Business is the number one way for customers to find these details and it is important that a business keeps up with this.

6. Let’s You Attract Leads in Zero-Click

Zero-click searches are on the rise. Google has changed to providing the most relevant information to searchers right inside of the results page. This is leading to fewer and fewer clicks on both ads and websites. With users becoming accustomed to this, your GMB page could become one of your most vital entry points online.

This is why it is highly important when using Google My Business to have a complete, fully utilized, and updated page. With call-to-actions like click-to-call, message, or make an appointment right inside of a search, you can turn a zero-click search into an actual click directly to your business.

7. Help’s With PR

Public relations in an online world is one of the major keys to conversions. Google My Business is one of the most popular places for users to find reviews about your business. Using Google My Business to answer customer questions is also another key to success in this environment.

Even the dreaded negative review can be turned around with a prompt and positive reply by the business. Seeing the efforts you make to rectify a bad situation can help users look past this persons opinion and see that you really do care about your customer base.

8. Help’s You Gain Insight

a screenshot showing one of the graphs available inside of the Google My Business Insights page

One of the tabs inside of your GMB dashboard is called Insights. The insights area will show you how using Google My Business has returned for you and what activities have taken place.

This is also is one of the only places you can get some keyword insight from searchers. Aside from basic keywords, you will also see how traffic found you and where (search or maps).

Insights will also show you website clicks, calls, through the button, and messages you received.

All of this data can be shown as weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

9. It Provides Online Booking Integration

Using Google My Business to integrate with your online booking system is yet another direct and concise call-to-action that a user can make directly through your GMB page. Google has partnered with over a hundred providers and is scheduled to integrate with nearly 100 more!

See here for the complete list.

For those businesses that are using Google My Business for online reservations and bookings, and have the mobile app installed, Google also offers “Booking Requests via Messaging”. This add-on service provides yet another tool for businesses to garner user attention in search on this free platform.

10. Lets You Showcase Products Directly in Search

Using Google My Business for displaying products is another huge benefit for most business models. Though designed for actual physical products, it can be utilized to display a wide array of services as well. You have the option to include a fixed price, a price range, or no price at all.

I, for example, utilize this feature to display my services with no price attached. The real reason I do this is to have a more robust and complete GMB profile. This in itself can be a huge benefit in regards to having an active profile for Google and also looking more professional in comparison to your competitor listings.

As you can see,  even in this simple overview, using Google My Business for your local company can have a lot of benefits as well as reap large rewards. As things get more and more competitive online and search behavior changes, Google My Business can be your gateway to your next consumer base.

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