SEO Case Study: Algo Recovery

Battling BERT

Local Business


  • Recover Organic Traffic
  • Set The Site Up For The Next Year
  • Get It Done In 60 Days
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Reorganization
  • Landing Page Optimization

This was a website we rebuilt and optimized beginning in 2016. The site reached levels within its industry that rivaled all competitors. It ran the gambet of searches, rich snippet inclusion, and a complete traffic takeover within its niche. The campaign was ended in 2018.

Usually, we continue working on sites through updates and have fixes in real time. These always conclude in unfettered growth, with site owners at ease that algo updates are a non-issue. However, this site felt comfortable enough to no longer need any further services, then, of course, Google threw a curveball. In 2019 BERT was rolled out and this site slowly declined to a point where all of the progress made previously, was all but gone.

The Results

One Time Recovery Project, Steady Growth And Tracked Progress

This case study is not about mass gains and amazing results, it’s more about realities and lessons. Had we continued working on the site, all of this would be a non-issue. Then the recovery campaign was made with a single project request. In other words, a one-time effort to fix everything and then let the site sit again. I provided my advice about an ongoing campaign really being what would push the changes, but that was declined.

What I implemented was a complete rework of the current site’s navigational structure, optimization to all current pages, and then the creation of several new landing pages that help better define and group service offerings. As a result, the site saw an immediate jumpstart in keyword rankings (not to page one, but an average of 10+ positions up nearly overnight). Since then, the site has been growing at a pace of about 5% in all categories per month.

“I’m excited to have you working on my site again!”


Increased Organic Clicks


Increased Impressions


Increased Average Position
Key Takeaway's

Lessons Learned


Google Algorithm's

Google is constantly rolling out updates, some minor and some major. It is important to keep working through these and adjust as needed.

It's Harder To Recover

It seems that once Google has defined your website a certain way, and then the site sits - it is harder to change the direction of the site afterwards.

Updated Conetnt

Offering regular and newly created content, that targets the latest within your industry in a way that Google is currently looking for, is key.

If You’re Looking To Recovery From An Algo Hit, I can Help

I'm just Eric, in Tally - but I have been doing SEO for over a decade and love to take on new challenges. Google is both complex and simple in mission - understanding how that works at all times is my talent.

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