SEO Case Study: New Website



  • Increased Organic Revenue
  • Brand Building
  • Ads Optimization
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Adwords Optimization

New Launch, Competing With Established Sites

A brand new website on a new .com is one of the most challenging situations to approach with SEO. The ideology and methodologies are known, but the waiting game can be the worst part for the client. This website was roughly 8 months old when I came in for SEO, with roughly 5 static pages and 5 product pages.

My mission was to work towards SEO goals with as fast a return as possible, and while that speed is up in the air for folks to interpret – my mission statement included small gains at 90 days and big gains at a year. My secondary mission was to go over and tweak the already running Adwords campaign.

The Results

Achievements Met Faster Than Promised, Steady Growth on the Horizon.

The competing websites in this industry, page one players, all average 10+ years old. They are also loaded with content and targeting. I did find the way in however, most of these sites were floating on old content – so my first key was to build up-to-date authoritative content on like subjects.

We started with a complete site optimization project, that also included additional main landing page creations. Adwords was optimized during this phase as well. We tweaked the blog area to meet the goals of the personalized content strategy. At the 60 day mark, the outcome far exceeded expectations – with further accelerated growth being tracked daily.

“Traffic has been good lately, and we are impressed with the organic ranking improvements – lead generation continues to improve in quantity and quality.”

60 Day Marker


Increase in traffic


Revenue increase


New users

180 Day Marker


Increase in traffic


Revenue increase


New users
It's In The Numbers

Let’s Look At Some Key Indicators of Success


Organic Revenue

With a large PPC campaign at play, Google Organic users have created the highest revenue stream between the two.

Conversion Rate

The ecommerce conversion rate has grown by 224.7% since launch.

Ad Dollars

After optimizing the ad campaign, the same or less than the average monthly budget has led to increased sales and leads.


With a content strategy focused on the long-tail, but rooted in the macro - keywords across the board continue to climb.

Engagement Rate

Organic users have created the highest engagement rate, alongside conversions, for this site.

Transactions Per Medium

Google Organic users have not just led to the highest revenue stream, but do it in fewer transactions - overall.

I Love Working On New Sites, With Big Goals

I'm just Eric, in Tally - but I have been doing SEO for over a decade and love to take on new challenges. Google is both complex and simple in mission - understanding how that works at all times is my talent.

It's time to make moves

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