SEO Case Study: New Website

Local Business


  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Brand Building
  • Niche Authority
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Zero-Click Traffic

Website Relaunch, SEO Take Over

This is a website relaunch for a local service company that relies on tourism and provides both yearly and seasonal offerings. It all started with a killer new website built by our partners at Steamworks. Once this was live, I was hired to take this company to another level within search.

I started with an initial project that encompassed a complete sweep of the site and further landing page creation – which led to a navigational restructure. From here, a long-term content strategy went into play, with an emphasis on rich snippet inclusion and zero-click traffic. This all took place during COVID when tourism in this state was down 80%. All the while, this client saw better than average revenue year over year. Now the state is open and, we have only just begun.

The Results

Achievements Greater Than Promised, Daily Exponential Growth.

This project quickly became a content-focused one. The initial website redesign started this whole effort off on the right foot. The initial onsite needs, though detailed, were quickly taken care of. At the same time, we went into Google My Business (GMB) and optimized those efforts.

We quickly moved into top rankings for every tracked local keyword we were targeting. Logging into the tracking system, you have to scroll down just to get into the “top 2’s”. So, we then switched gears to statewide targets. This is where Rich Snippet answers really came into play. One example is that we targeted an activity statewide and created a thorough piece of content to win that search. We ended up knocking the state’s own regulatory commission out of this Rich Result. This targeted a seasonal offering that is only available from June through October. At the beginning of May, this one-man business was booked completely through for this. There are hundreds of examples like this for this site.

sample traffic report


Increase in traffic


Increased New Users


Increased GMB Traffic
It's In The Numbers

Let’s Look At Some Key Indicators of Success


Keyword Positions

Every top level traffic producing keyword for this local business is in the top 3.

Google My Business

All content was shared here as posts, events created for offerings, and a complete turn around for traffic in this medium.


Discovery accounts for over 30% of the traffic to this site. Thousands of visits leading to conversions from rich answers.

Page Experience

We worked hard to prepare this site for the Page Experience update. The sites pages currently score 100%.

Core Web Vitals & Mobility

We stayed focus on the technical aspects of the site and how it performs in Google Search Console. All pages are 100% good in all scoring criteria.

Record Traffic

Everytime we log in to Google Analytics we see a congratulations message for another record-breaking month.

Full-Service SEO As It Should Be, Works.

I'm just Eric, in Tally - but I have been doing SEO for over a decade and love to take on new challenges. Google is both complex and simple in mission - understanding how that works at all times is my talent.

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