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Google My Business is the Number One Local Business Listing Product Available to You on the Internet - Period.

Don't Make these Google My Business Mistakes. Why?

Number One Free Local Business Tool

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1. Not having or verifying your Google My Business Listing

Seems mundane, but the number one Google My Business mistake is not having one. I see it all the time.

Client: “I want to increase my local presence.”

Me: “Cool, let’s look at your GMB”

Client: “I don’t use that.”

Me: “…”

Let’s look at some common reasons why.

“It’s never been important”

Firstly, since you’ve never turned it on, you have no idea how important it is. If you had one in the past and it didn’t bring value to you, it wasn’t being utilized fully.

“I never received my verification card.”

Ok, request another. If your card doesn’t arrive by day 14, you can log back in and request to have another sent.

“I have one, but I can’t log in to it.”

Well, this can go a few ways. Did you simply forget your old Google account info? If so, use all of the recovery tools. If that somehow doesn’t help, create a new Google account, request ownership, and wait it out. If no one is on the other side to rebuttal the claim, it’s yours in about 7 days.

The big one is that someone else set it up and you don’t know what to do. You can still navigate to it and request ownership. If they have fallen off the radar, they don’t reply, then you will gain access like mentioned above. If it is being held hostage by a shady digital marketing person, it becomes a longer process – See Here.

2. Not using the Google My Business app

The best thing you can do for your Google My Business listing is to be proactive. So, during your day, you should utilize every opportunity to do so. The app allows for this. Don’t let not having the app be one of your Google My Business mistakes.

The app provides the following benefits:

  • You can turn on text messaging for your listing
  • You can respond to reviews as soon as they come in
  • You can upload images as they catch your attention throughout the day
  • You can update your listing as soon as you need to make a change
  • You can keep customers engaged through the posting feature in realtime

Get the app for Android: Google Play Store

Get the app for Apple: App Store

3. Not updating your info

Not updating your info can be one of the biggest Google My Business mistakes.


Let’s start here:

a screenshot of a negative review for a business who didn't update their hours.

That’s a real review from a restaurant down the street from me. Guess what, I went to Wendy’s instead. Why? Why have a doubt on my journey when there is an option without any doubt? It’s a human instinct.

Seriously. Keep the info updated – like telling your spouse when you’re going to the store. The big difference between the two is, the Google My Business failure can haunt you for years.

Keep on top of things.


That same place doesn’t respond to any reviews and doesn’t answer questions. Oof.

a screenshot of a business that doesnt respond to questions in google my business

4. Not responding to reviews, questions, or messages

Look, as I mention on the Google My Business Marketing page, Google looks at your GMB listing as a dynamic window into exactly how you do business. If you aren’t engaged here, then Google thinks you are simply not engaged with their users. Yes, “their users”. This is all Google is concerned about. You need to comply with that need Google has to be on top of anything here.

A sucky review by an angry non-educated consumer? Sure. Happens all day every day. You need to develop a way to respond to that in a polite and justified manner. You don’t do that to pacify that reviewer, you do that to increase the likelihood of the next gazillion viewers to convert with you based on this reply.

Not engaging with your positive reviews is just as bad. You are literally collecting positive reviews, folks see it, love what you do, but in the end decide, “Why leave a review? They don’t care.” – Reviews make the internet world go round. Encourage and support them.

Not replying to questions has two main issues. We go back to your lack of engagement – a ranking factor, and the fact that anybody on the planet can answer that question. You need to be the one who instantly and accurately responds to that question. Or else? The world will do it for you.

Messaging through Google My Business is a huge benefit. A large percentage of searches would rather launch a quick text than call, email, visit your website, or research you in any way. This might hurt your feelings, but you want the customer, right? Make things easy on them – turn on and reply to messages.

5. Not posting regularly

See a theme yet? Engagement, that’s the theme. Google My Business provides you with multiple ways to engage, respond, and update your local consumers.

Posting regularly is part of this. You have several options to make posts within Google My Business. These include:

  • COVID-19 Update
  • Add Offer
  • Add Update
  • Add Event
  • Add Product

I would look at these in the same light as social media (and if you aren’t posting on social regularly, are you even serious?). Use these tools to communicate every aspect of your business. It’s quick and easy – literally just a few minutes a day can turn your Google My Business listing into a hub for your business. Think long game – you’ll be fine.

a screenshot showing a local business owner not making Google My Business Mistakes

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